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Friday, August 03, 2007 ; 11:09 PMY
& I knew Our lOrf will LAST x3

*lata gOing Out tO his hus luhs.
*tO celebrate his birhtdae.
*gOT steambOat.
*hOpe tOdae will be a gOOd dae barhs.

*father ytd came back frOm OperatiOn.
*half Of his face was swOllen by half i tink.
*and he keep vOmiting "f-l-a-m".
*me and marmi see lerhs sO scary.
*but tOdae he was better lerhs.
*at least din vOmit.
*ytd was realli scary. lyk a "nv-befOre-seen-fOOtage" Of him.

*hOpe he recOver fast fast luhs.
*i dare nOt tOk tO him luhs.
*nxt week hab tO gO hOme early if can.
*scare he suddenly faint at hOme.
*i sO GUAI.
*nO larhs. jusx stay at hOme if he needs help luhs.

*tis week save alOt Of mOney~
*hOpe will be derh same fOrh nxt week tOO.
*but dun tink can save much.
*cOsh gOt wOrk .
*cOrmfirm eat alOt One. xP
*tink stOp here tOdae?
*lazy tO type lerhs. :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 ; 10:15 PMY
& I knew Our lOrf will LAST x3

*nv gO sch tOdae.
*studying COS at hOme.
*lyk nOe all but phOrget all tt kind Of feeling.
*nOw trying tO squeeze in all the infOmatiOn.

*gOOd is tOdae cn wake up late.
*bad is tOdae nOT Only gOt test but until 6.3o
*means dunO wad tym den rch hOme luhs.
*maybe 8pm??
*nOw alOne at hOme.
*father tOdae gO checkup.
*if nth wrOng den tmr he cn gO Operation luhs.
*ytd wan blOg derh.
*dunO y in sch Open blOgger web sOt sOt derh.
*den rch hOme jiu study.
*den slp lerhs. nO tym.

*lyk muai blOg skin luhs.
*dunO change hOw mani tyms luhs.
*hOpe can pass my test luhs.
*i dun wan retake COS. T.T
*paper time is 5.oo tO 6.3o.
*mean One & half hOur.
*2o MCQ 2 SHORT Qs.
*bluffer derh. if derh 2 Q. is SHORT.
*derh paper alsO nO nd sO lOng luhs.

*tmr fridae.
*beri fast.
*den jiu saturdae luhs.
*cOsh derh previOus entry i type Fridae.
*den nv see calender tOt fridae is derh 4th.

*sinas luhs.
*dunO wad tO eat.
*nth tO eat at hOme fOrh lunch.
*i nd gO study luhs.
*buaiis buaiis tO muaself. :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 ; 6:04 AMY
& I knew Our lOrf will LAST x3


*my feelings fOrh tOdae.
*blOg rOtts lyk hell.
*nO tym tO blOg.
*very sure that nO One will view my blOg?
*really SIANS.

*STUPID REASON tO quarrel.
*STUPID wae tO tOk.
*STUPID mOuth.
*STUPID attitude.
*STUPID lappie.

*tis fridae laOgOng's birthdae.
*he celebrating On saturdae.
*tink i will be left Out?
*hOpe nOt.
*will use all the energy i hav tO OvercOme the fear Of STUPID steambOat & being anti - sOcial.
*hOpe *mei mei gOt gO?
*if nOt i dunO hOw tO cOmmunicate tO thOse ppl he nOe.
*cOSh i dunO them!

*all he sae was gOOd luck fOrh me.
*since his birthdae.
*he shld be enjOying wib his fwen on tis sat. barh.
*realli dunO wad i can dO lOrhs.
*hais. *wOrries*
*tis thurs COS TEST LIAOS.
*hOw tO study?!

*nO mOney.
*sian luhs!
*tired tired tired!
*tOt i was nOt a attitute persOn.
*but I AM!
*dunO wan tO happie or sad.
*wish sOmbOdy cOuld jux accept my STUPID attitude.
*sOmetyms reallie emO luhs.
*alsO dunO y.
*mOOdless Or tired den lyk that.

*tOdae gOing tO sch in bus listern tO One sOng.
*phOrget wad title luhs.
*but listen until nearly cry man.
*i alsO phOrget the lyrics.
*but it jusx hit me str8 deep inside.
*lOl. veri emOtiOnal huhs.
*fridae father alsO nd gO fORh small Operation fOrh his teeth tingy.
*wish him safe*

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 ; 9:06 PMY
& I knew Our lOrf will LAST x3

*blOg again.
*shO tired.!!
*tOdae FSP shOuld be can pass barhs.
-hOpe shO.
*nOw finally can relax abit lerhs.
*cOSh tmr nOsch. xP
*den thurs and fri ish WP and CM.
*tink anihOw cn at least jusx pass barhs.
*shO nOt studying lerhs.
*me lazy barhs. ??! - wakakkas.

*laOgOng gO Out again.
*lately at nite alwaes gO Out.
*if i can jiu haO lerhs.
*cOSh i cOmfirm will EVERY nite gO Out WIBOUT FAIL!!!
*dunO sians.
*laOGOng sae he rch hOme den call me.
*if lyk ytd lyk tt wait his call until slp.
*den if he call i wun listen lerhs.

*realli HATE tO wait.
*wait as in WAIT lOrhs.
*i mean nOt Onli waiting fOrh fOne calls.
*lyk wait fOr peOple. wait fOr fOOd. wait fOr everyting . . .
*althOugh i alwaes LATE and make ppl wait.
*but i feel GUILTY derh hOrhs.
*cOsh waiting is realli SARKS!!
*shO i will alwaes try my best nOt tO be late lOrhs.

*tink sick gOt rching One mOnth lerh barhs.
*5 mOre daes tO 8 mOnth ANNI.
*daes jusx pass shO fast.
*wads gOing tO happen in the future.
*sOmtyms will be curiOus.
*sOmetyms will be afraid tO face it.
*sOmetyms will jusx let everyting gO by nature.
*future realli shO unpredictable.

*nOw listening tO ling yu zhOng sOng.
*SARKS lyk hell.
*feeling shO tired Once again.
*maybe jusx tOdae Onli.
*cOsh my eyes realli lyk clOsing lerhs.
*dunO wads gOing On.
*dun lyk laOgOng gOing Out at nite these 2 daes.
*lyk every nite gO Out.
*den lyk late late den can tOk tO him On fOne.
*tired Of waiting his calls.
*den every mOrn kcant wake up On tym.

*tink tis is the HEALTHEST MONTH in my life.
*waaa the fOOD i eat lyk nOt vege.
*if nOt drink lOads Of water. n I MEAN LOADS!!!
*shO happy alsO.
*tis SAT. WORKING!!!
*lOng tym nO wOrk lerhs.
*hOpe hOls. can wOrk mOre barhs.
*but alsO hOpe can play EVEN MORE.

*tOdae dunO wad happen.
*FIRST tym tO stand all the wae
-frOm NP TO JP.
*gO hOme take bus frOm interchange tOO.
*cOsh my leg was shaking frOm hunger after standing fOrh dunO HOW LONG!
*den in bus STAND again.
*heng i live near JP!!!

*haO barhs stOp here.
*lOng tym nv blOg tOdae blOg shO lOng.
*kekekeks. xP

Monday, June 04, 2007 ; 8:54 PMY
& I knew Our lOrf will LAST x3

*came tO blOg finally. !!!
*a few weeks Or daes agO:
-i was SICK.!!!
-nOt fully recOver yet nOw.
-thrOat pain pains.
-was stress until pimples pOp Out.
-nOw was MUCH BETTER!.
-been saving mOney.

*nOw ish cOmmOn test week.
*after that jiu hOlidae lerhs!
*tOdae COS.
-One wOrd describe. SHIT.
*tmr FSP
-One wOrd describe.SIAN.
*me dunO save enuf mOney anOt.
*cOsh i wan rebOnd my hair again.
*and MUST nxt week jiu rebOnd lerh.
*cOsh i nOe my hair will be FLAT lyk fOrh 2 WEEKS!!!.
*sO hOlidae ish the best tym.
*cOsh nObOdy will see my flat hair. except laOgOng.
*but alsO need tO see enuf mOney anOt.

*this is shit.
*actualli still gOt sOmOr derh.
*but dunO WHY my hand press wad thing.
*sO i WUN retype.
*cOSh i am damn lazy tO DO SO!!!
*gOOd luck tO myself fOR cOmmOn test.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ; 9:09 PMY
& I knew Our lOrf will LAST x3

*gOt tym tO blOg again!
*tOdae gOt IS.
*shO tired man.
*i hate gym.
*tmr gO bugis wib marmi!!!
*hOpe can buy the tings i wan.
- T-shirts.
- Bag
*tOdae keep ar- chiewing.
*cosh Orf the tOpid gym ball.
*shO dusty.
*canOt stOp ar -chiewinq!!!!
*nOw still gOt ar - chiew abit.
*gergggg . . .

*nOw me playing wib my mircOpfOne.
*nth tO dO.
*ish actualli i lazy dO my wOrk.
*lata den dO barhs. xp
*waaa laO!
*father every tym cOme at tis tym One leiis!
*tmr if din gO bugis jiu can gO laOgOng hus lerh.
*see larh.
*he Ownself sae he late late rch hOme.
*in the end lehs.
- i wake up he jiu rch hOme lerhs.
*sians larhs.
*musx save mOney again lerhs.
*mOney sO fast finish.
*easy tO spend hard tO save!!!!

*feel lyk eating biscuit nOw. =x
*CANOT. canOt. CAnOt!!!!!
*siaO liaO larhs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007 ; 9:43 AMY
& I knew Our lOrf will LAST x3

*tOdae 7th mOnth lerhs.
*shO fast.
*quarrel Once every mOnth.
*hOpe next mOnth wun bars. x*
*JIA YOU tO me lORHS!!!
*tOdae fridae agains.
*cn gO SIM eat yummies fOOd lerhs!!!
*den after tt celerbrate marmi's dae tOdae.
*cOsh sat wOrk.
*sundae gO laOgOng hus.
*maybe treat marmi eat BENTOBOX lOrhs.
*=c. wan brOke again lerhs.

*finally den cn blOg.
*cOsh busy busy busy.
*feel lyk Orh Orhs - inq.
*i mish my BED, PILLOW,LAOGONG. =x
*kcant wait tO gO SIM EAT LEIIS!!!!
*xb . hungry hungry hungry. !!!
*saw a white van On the wae tO sch.
- "JESUS LOVES EUU" On the van.
*sian diaOs.

*tmr wOrk lOrhs.
*dun feel lyk gOing.
*haO lerhs stOp here.
*nOw FSP lessOn.
*me WAN Orhs Orhs!!
- xp

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